Thursday, October 1, 2015

Same Mind, Different Focus

I enjoy seeing one thing lead to another and have become involved with ocean imagery after our recent move to the beach:  The sand fleas, the flounder, the shells...

A wood carving relief begun several weeks ago made me curious about how to create multiples of a whelk shell quickly.

This relief was modeled with Sculpey clay.  In the next step of the process a flexible mold is made from a different formula of Sclupey and plaster versions are cast.

The plaster casts will be affixed to panels as reliefs and painted.  

Please check out some previous blog posts that illustrate similar effects.

Whether individually, multiple reliefs on a single surface, or multi paneled arrays--you may notice a continuity in approach regardless of subject matter. 

Same mind, different focus.


  1. Very cool, James, I love that you shared your process on video. Lately I've been looking into ways that artists can quickly make multiples, and did some research into 3D printing. Have you ever considered that technology?

    1. Thanks for looking and responding, Carolyn! I saw your recent article on Artsy Shark about 3D printing.

      Plaster casting is a classic sculpture technique dating back to antiquity. It's inexpensive, hands on, and fast. I was able to do this project (30 reproductions) for $30, which includes the modeling clay, mold making materials and plaster. The potential to create additional pieces for only the cost of the plaster remains, at $6 per 60 shells.

      If demand for this imagery went beyond my capabilities to produce I would definitely look into 3D printing. Until then....