Tuesday, August 18, 2015

On Moving...

Artwork in full swing is set aside to pack a full household. Creating with the knowledge that life is completely changing is vanity.

A report many years ago declared that the United States was so large that it effectively contained nine separate countries.  Consider regional accents and colloquialism, attitudes and even recipes…I fully believe this.
And this gives me pause as an artist.

All of those accents, attitudes and recipes are new and different influences.  The culture which was feeding the previous artwork is gone.  I am immersed elsewhere.

I do different things now and have different experiences. Different people surround me.  Continuing with the same body of artwork?  I’ve striven to do that before but it just doesn’t work that way.

Now this move is complete.  I pursue my great interest in fishing since we are twenty minutes from the ocean.  Fascinating stuff is there:  Flounder! 

And detritus!  I found a wonderful vertebrae of some sort of large fish that was so curious that I had to (had to!) render it.  My interest was in learning its lines.  It was profoundly abstract; a very lovely and hidden thing.  What if this became an eight foot tall sculpture?

And sand fleas!  I use them for bait and thousands of them are swarming in every wash of the surf.  They are creepy but complicated critters and worthy of examination.  I am faithfully drawing them to internalize their structure. 

So life goes on.  I create, but not continuing with work from another region, time and influence.  This isn’t what I thought I’d be doing.  It isn’t market savvy.  It isn’t clever or charming.  I find it compelling though; the stuff if not the art. And I’m about exploring it.

This is a strange new world.  Always.


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