Monday, November 4, 2013

Heron Rainbow

I am creating some paintings based on the New Vision Heron Mural.  You may recognize it from my Facebook cover photo...These new artworks will accompany the hanging of the new mural.  They allow people to own a beautiful original painting, unmistakably related to the new public image and downtown marker;  clearly made by the same artist.
These new works are paintings on paper, both multiples and singles.  There are about two dozen pieces in the series so far, with several more on the way; made between sessions of working on the mural. 
I like these: they are fun, intuitive, and straight forward.  The color scheme is the same as the mural, the subject matter too; but the unpredictable qualities of spray paint keep things fresh!  Spatters and skips from the spray can, and using the stencil to create prints keeps surprise as a key part of the process.  One of my favorite quotes is from “Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads”, by Roy H. Williams, (1999)  “Surprise is the beginning of delight.”
I have enjoyed making these new paintings!  There’s a production aspect to these works (I did work as a cabinet maker for decades).  As such, I tend towards streamlined processes, uniformity, and how time and speed relate to cost.  I want to be realistic in my pricing, creating interesting and fun artworks for a price that is both affordable and fair to me. 
Now is the time for success!

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