Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Stories from the New Vision Heron Mural

Story #1:     I’ve known this guy since we were teenagers.  He respected and supported me as an artist, even back in the late ‘70’s!  We’ve been Facebook friends for some time and when the New Vision Heron Mural project went live on USA Projects he really wasn’t in position to make a donation. 
And yet he did. 
He waited until the project reached 5% funding and when the USA Projects Open Match Fund began matching donations dollar-for-dollar he pulled the trigger.  He doubled his contribution.
This small donation, done cleverly, has been the most touching contribution of my campaign because of my old friend’s personal situation.  It didn’t stop him from continuing to support me and I so appreciate it!
Through this I personally understand Luke 21: 1-4!
  Story #2:     Family matters brought us all together last week as I continued to administer The New Vision Heron Mural throughout the visit.  This involved so much writing:  a midpoint report, Facebook links and rounds of emails!
On his final evening, my oldest brother mentioned that he had received my emails and that he would make a contribution.  We hugged and I told him how much it meant to me—I hadn’t mentioned anything directly to him, because of his strong political beliefs about government funding of arts.
The following day as we drove to the airport I talked about all the different aspects of a micro-philanthropy project, how much work it was to simply be listed with USA Projects and that feeling of accomplishment, only to realize that now the funds needed to be raised!  This is not for the lazy or faint of heart! 
A couple of days later my brother made a solid donation that sent the project over the 45% funded mark!
But the “Priceless” moment is when you realize that what you think is possible has changed.  It takes consistent and concentrated effort, and follow-through.  It requires success minded thinking through every conversation and the weeks of lulls.  It takes work and faith.
Again, I want to thank everyone who has donated to The New Heron Mural Project!  Your support is inspiring me to do my very best to see this aspect of the project through to its successful end, and to create a beautiful work of art.
Time is running out and there is still a long way to go!  Please donate to my project http://www.usaprojects.org/project/new_vision_heron_mural
 Contact me if you have any questions!

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