Thursday, March 14, 2013

After nearly 30 years I've rediscovered the high heel shoe as subject matter...above is a selection from the current collection;  all measure 8" x 10" and are rendered in stencils, spray paint and solvents.  Available individually or in numbers to create a fetching array! 

Background:  In 1982 while a 3rd year student at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, DC I was participating in a public art project sponsored by COLAB from New York City.  A buddy found an abandoned high heel shoe and casually offered it to me.  My assemblage aesthetic kicked in:  I fastened the shoe to an equally abandoned cymbal stand and beheld a delightful result!

Much studio work and numerous unauthorized public street artworks evolved from that initial artistic connection.  Good times ensued:  good associations, good connotations, notoriety...easy to digress!

Not to re-live the past but surprised to find myself re-visiting the imagery...with some different styles!  I was looking for work to follow up some stencil based valentines I was able to find venues for; thinking about seasonal subject matter I threw the high heel shoes into the mix of spring flowers, sports references, seashells, autumn leaves, snowflakes and stars...never got past the shoes!
Stay tuned for more on the subject!


  1. Seemingly a timeless topic. It's fun to see how your work has evolved over the years yet still maintains similar aesthetic. You rock!